US citizen wanted to kill (ex) husband for Bitcoin

US citizen wanted to kill (ex) husband for Bitcoin.

But the website turned out to be a scam

Under the protection of supposed anonymity, trading venues on the Darknet can cover the entire, illegal spectrum from drugs and weapons to contract killing. In the USA a woman has now been arrested who used the „services“ of a darknet website and wanted to have her ex-husband killed for 12 Bitcoin.

The incident happened back in 2016. The accused is said to have hired a contract killer on the platform and paid for Bitcoin, which was worth around 5,000 US dollars at the time. Like from the court records However, it emerges that the website was a scam.

The website was a now-defunct darknet website pretending to be a legitimate platform and offering a variety of services, including murder, kidnapping, and assault in exchange for payments in cryptocurrencies. The website was actually a scam and took users‘ money without performing any of the services it offered.

In an exchange of words with the platform’s operators, the time and place for the act were determined. But it should never come to that

The website was blocked in 2016. After the authorities wound up the case in 2019, an arrest took place last week.

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In the public eye, crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and privacy coins such as Monero and Dash, which are more suitable for illegal purposes, still enjoy a dubious reputation because of their function in the Darknet. Only recently , Europol seized Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies worth 6.5 million US dollars from a darknet platform.

Bitcoin and Darknet: an ominous alliance

However, based on the total volume of BTC held by illegal platforms, that was only a minor blow to organized crime. According to the blockchain analysts at Chainanalysisan estimated 800,000 BTC are in criminal hands. The majority of 516,000 BTC and thus over 5.5 billion US dollars are accounted for by darknet platforms.