The biggest ransom demand for Bitcoin has just come down – $35 million, and let’s make it happen!

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A new record set (unfortunately) – As if ransomwares weren’t bad enough, it’s now up to Foxconn to make the bitter experience. The icing on the cake: they inherit the biggest ransom ever demanded… and only payable in Bitcoin (BTC). How did it come to this?

Bitcoins, and right away!
This new ransomware (or ransomware) story is detailed by the technology journal Bleeping Computer. We thus learn that the Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn, listed on the stock exchange, suffered a cyber-attack on one of its Bitcoin Rejoin computer networks during the last weekend of November.

The hackers managed to encrypt the network data using their DoppelPaymer ransomware. They took advantage of the opportunity to demand a trifle of 1,804 bitcoins in exchange for the promise to return the data to its owners. 35 million dollars, that is to say 35 million dollars at the moment. That’s all there is to it!

Data destruction in addition to kidnapping

The hackers did not just steal and encrypt 100 GB of files from this Foxconn subsidiary in Mexico – which handles the entire South American market.

According to Bleeping Computer, the hackers also destroyed 20 to 30 TB of network backup data.

In addition to a maximum delay of 21 days as an ultimatum to pay the ransom, a disturbing message has been sent to Foxconn officials:

„If no contact is made within 3 working days of the infection, the first part of the data will be released to the public. »

And obviously, the company has not been very cooperative since, since then, a few files belonging to Foxconn have been published by the hackers, both as proof of their misdeeds and as a means of enforcing their threats. However, it is still unclear whether the Taiwanese firm intends to do anything about it.

According to cyber security firm Black Fog, counting the Foxconn attack, there were no less than 29 corporate network hacks by ransomwares in November alone.

The sectors of activity attacked are extremely varied: from the toy manufacturer Mattel to the Manchester United football club, via the video game publisher Capcom, for example. No one can escape it.

Once again, Bitcoin’s reputation is taking a hit. The king of cryptomoney is still popular among aficionados of ransomware as a means of payment. However, Foxconn’s reaction leaves one speechless. Will the firm remain implacable until the end?