Crypto trader reportedly committed suicide after pleading for help from influencer

Crypto-influencer claims trader committed suicide after begging him for help for months.

As a result, @CryptoCobain cut their direct messages

In May, @ActualAdviceBTC also mysteriously died in Thailand, and Cobain retired from Twitter for a time.

On December 6, 2020, influencer Jordan Fish, known in the crypto community as KING CO ฿ IE or @CryptoCobain, shut down direct messages on his Twitter account. He did so after a trader who begged him for financial help allegedly committed suicide.

I closed my direct messages and I will not reopen them. Too many messages of “I’ll kill myself this weekend if you don’t give me 0.2 btc”, and one of them ended up being successful. RIP mate. Sorry I couldn’t help you

The popular Ethereum Code review influencer, who has more than 181,000 subscribers, posted a tweet on Sunday saying he will no longer accept direct messages after the suicide of a trader he was in contact with. He said he had received too many suicide threats „unless he pays 0.2 BTC „.

It may be wrong, but I received his messages for 6 months. Unfortunately, I believe it. RIP

Cobain, a promoter whose real name is Jordan Fish and employed at Monzo Bank in the UK, said he could not confirm whether the alleged suicide actually took place. He said, however, that the deceased’s former romantic partner contacted him after the alleged suicide.

This isn’t the first time Cobain has publicly commented on a mysterious death. In May 2020, a young man named Ben, who was using the Twitter handle @ACTUALADVICEBTC, died suddenly in Thailand. Ben was a cult figure, popular on several social media platforms, including Steemit. At the time of his death, Cobain told Decrypt that Ben (probably his friend) had died in his sleep. He also provided a photo where they appeared together.